Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein


The noodles for Cantonese-style Chow Mein are wheat and egg noodles that have been pre-steamed, allowing them to be fried in just a little oil and retaining a lovely resilient texture. Adjust the amount and variety of vegetables to taste and to the season.

1 bag (1 lb/454 g) Cantonese steamed noodles (chow mein noodles)

2 tbsp / 30 mL light soy sauce

Vegetable oil

½ cup / 125 mL (approx) Chinese chives (garlic chives), cut into matchstick lengths

½ cup / 125 mL (approx) bean sprouts

½ cup / 125 mL (approx) julienned carrot

½ cup / 125 mL (approx) julienned red pepper

½ cup / 125 mL (approx) julienned cabbage (green or napa)

2 tsp / 10 mL sesame oil or chili oil

1 tbsp / 15 mL (approx) hoisin or oyster sauce, or 1-2 tsp/5-10 mL soy sauce to taste

Toss noodles in bowl of cold water to loosen and separate, about 30 to 60 seconds. Drain in colander and let dry. Toss in bowl with soy sauce; return to colander and let sit until noodles are dry.

In wok over medium-high heat, stir fry vegetables in just enough oil to not stick to pan. Add noodles, reduce heat to medium-low and stir fry, tossing continuously, until noodles are hot, dry and slightly crispy. Toss in sesame or chili oil and hoisin, oyster or soy sauce to taste.

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